Traders, This is crazy. But after what I saw on this chart I had to. I went all in. Well, almost. I also have another limit order on
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Traders, In yesterday's video (red arrow), I alluded to this descending wedge on our dominance chart. I expected us to break to the upside and through…
Traders, I picked out the best trade setups I was able to find on the charts today. These 10 cryptos are in perfect formation for a pump soon. However…
And last but certainly not least in my current buy spree. A potential 6x’er!!! I give you…
Traders, While one coin pumped, another was dumping. So, I converted and made at least a 15% difference! Here are the coins I swapped in my portfolio…
Merry Christmas Traders! Well, this morning I went to log into my CBpro account and found that Buys/Sells were disabled for me. Apparently, this was due…
There is no better place than here. There is no better time than now ...for crypto.
Guys, I have chosen to buy two alts I see good potential for. The first has it’s 100 day 20% overhead. And the second has a level of resistance around…
My top favorite 14 of the 27 coins I hit on earlier.
Here are the chart levels of the cryptos I own.